Andrej Belák

Mgr. Andrej Belák (1979) left his undergraduate studies in philosophy (University of Vienna & Charles University in Prague) for natural science, eventually earning a degree in biology (Department of Anthropology and Human Genetics, Charles University in Prague). Having along the way performed extensive ethnographic research focusing on the understanding of health within a segregated Roma settlement in Slovakia, he has, however, remained interdisciplinary. Currently, along with his Health Sciences PhD studies at the University of Groningen, he is finishing his PhD in social anthropology at the Department of General Anthropology, Charles University in Prague. With his follow-up qualitative research revolving around Roma health (so far among health-care providers and in a developmental program) he before all seeks and tests possibilities for close cooperation among medical anthropologists, epidemiologists and public health-practitioners in the region. Within CoHeReNT, his primary role is that of a qualitative and mixed-methods consultant. Lately, he also started to serve as an external expert consultant regarding Slovak Roma health issues for varied engaged institutions (e.g. Government Office of Roma plenipotentiary, Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, International Organization for Migration).


Core skills:
Extensive qualitative field-research experience, experienced inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary negotiator, multi-lingual (fluent English, German, Romani (‘Gypsy’), Slovak, Czech), flexible and easy-going personality


Scientific activities and projects:

2014 – 2015
Ethnographic research within the Healthy Communities health-mediation project
2013 – 2014 Qualitative research among physicians on behalf of Biennial collaborative agreement (BCA) 2012–2013 between WHO/Europe and Slovakia
2011 – 2014 Follow-up qualitative research among Slovak Roma and their physicians
2006 – 2011 Pharmaceutical industry laboratories in Ireland – Schering- Plough, Merck Quality Analyst roles  
 2004 - 2006 Medical-anthropological research within rural Romani settlement in Central Slovakia



European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), Czech Association for Social Anthropology (CASA)



Belak A (2015) Medicina v segregovanej romskej osade: Priklad z juhu stredneho Slovenska [Medicine in a segregated Romani settlement: An exapmple from South-Central Slovakia]. Romano Dzaniben 22(1):57-84 

Belak A (2015) Segregovani Romovia a zdravotne politiky: eticke a prakticke rozpory [Segregated Roma and health policies: ethical and practical contradictions]. In: Podolinska T, Hrustic T (eds) Cierno-biele svety Romovia v majoritnej spoločnosti na Slovensku. VEDA Ustav etnologie Slovenskej akademie vied, Bratislava

Kolarcik P, Belak A, Osborn R (2015) The Ophelia (OPtimise HEalth LIteracy and Access) Process: Using health literacy alongside grounded and participatory approaches to develop interventions in partnership with marginalized populations. The European Health Psychologist 17(6):297-304

Belak A (2015) Responding to health literacy needs of the Roma in Slovakia. In: Dodson S, Good S, Osborne RH (eds) Health literacy toolkit for low and middle-income countries: a series of information sheets to empower communities and strengthen health systems. WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia, New Delhi, p 141-144

Belak A (2014) Segregated Roma and health-care system professionals in Slovakia: A comparison of perspectives on Roma health. The European Journal of Public Health 24(suppl 2)

Belak A (2013) Health-system limitations of Roma health in Slovakia: A qualitative study. WHO Country office in Slovakia, Bratislava

Belak A (2005) Zravie očami vylúčených: Medicínsko-antropologická štúdia stredoslovenskej rómskej osady [Health through eyes of those excluded: A medical-anhropological study of a segregated Romani settlement in Central Slovakia]. Charles University, Prague


Correspondence address:

Mgr. Andrej Belák

Department of Health Psychology 

Faculty of Medicine  P.J. Safarik University

Trieda SNP 1

040 11 Košice, Slovakia

phone number:  +421 55 234 3392